York Car Rental Expands Presence in California and Texas

Photo of York Car Rental fleet near Houston airport.

York Car Rental added a rental fleet recently near the George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.


York Car Rental recently opened rental car outlets at two major U.S. airports: George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston and the San Diego International Airport.

These openings mark a milestone in the company’s growth of its full-service licensee system via a state-of-the-art reservation management system. 

Through these arrangements, York Car Rental can present cutting-edge technology and unlock a myriad of benefits and opportunities for licensees that help the brand solidify its position as a key player in the rental car market.

“Expanding into new destinations presents us with exciting opportunities,” said Michael Fathi, CEO at Hub Mobility Group, in a news release. “We are committed to delivering exceptional products and services and fostering meaningful relationships within the car rental community, enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and deliver quality to customers.”

Fathi cited the company’s sophisticated customer experience and informed decision-making through the technology that empowers its corporate and affiliate branches to compete.

By diversifying its geographical presence, York taps into new demographics, markets, and trends. We see tremendous potential in expanding our business into new territories,” Fathi added. “It presents us with unique opportunities to connect with diverse communities, cultivate lasting relationships, and make a positive impact on a domestic scale.”

The expansion will involve the opening of further airports and local offices, launching new products, and entering new business segments, the company said.

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