UAB coach Trent Dilfer ‘regretful’ about sideline outburst at assistant during loss to Tulane

UAB coach Trent Dilfer said that he regretted his heated outburst at an assistant coach over a fourth down penalty in Saturday’s loss to Tulane when asked about the situation Monday.

In the fourth quarter of Saturday’s game, trailing 28-20, UAB’s defense was penalized for having 12 players on the field on a key 4th-and-2 situation. Dilfer blew up on the sideline and chastised an assistant coach. While it was a major penalty, Tulane later missed a field goal on the drive, and Dilfer was criticized by fans and TV analysts for going over the top with his reaction.



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“I’m regretful about it,” he said. “I’m a passionate guy. Anybody that’s been around me as a player, coach, at ESPN, my kids will tell you this. I’m a passionate person. Sometimes, that passion comes out in ways that I’m not proud of. That’s a moment I’m not proud of. Because one, I wasn’t just mad at that singular coach. We have headphones on, so 22 people were getting the message that that was unacceptable. I could have done that in a better way and I’ll learn from it like I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past.

“I don’t really get caught up in what people say. I’ve woken up to a lot worse. I’ve been booed out of stadiums. I’ve had people lie about my character. I don’t get caught up in that stuff. But I am concerned about the 200 people in this building, the people we represent and the city of Birmingham. That’s not what I want their head coach to be remembered for. Now I’m going to be passionate and there may be other times I’m stern. But that one was over the top and I regret it.”

It’s not the first time a Dilfer blowup on the sideline has gone viral. In 2021, while the head coach at Lipscomb Academy high school, Dilfer grabbed a player and yelled at him during a game. After the clip spread on social media, Dilfer released a statement saying he should have handled the situation better.

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