Trump's new platform pledges to 'end inflation' and maintain the retirement age to receive Social Security and Medicare benefits

  • The RNC adopted Trump’s platform, consisting of 20 key issues he’d prioritize as president.

  • The platform pledged to “end inflation” and preserve Social Security and Medicare.

  • Biden and Trump clashed over economic issues at the first presidential debate.

Americans got some new insight into the issues former President Donald Trump will prioritize should he win the presidential election.

On Monday, Trump’s campaign announced that the Republican National Committee adopted the former president’s platform for the Republican Party. Consisting of 20 principles, the platform is likely the first clear outline voters have seen of what Trump is thinking as the country inches toward the November election.

America needs determined Republican Leadership at every level of Government to address the core threats to our very survival: Our disastrously Open Border, our weakened Economy, crippling restrictions on American Energy Production, our depleted Military, attacks on the American System of Justice, and much more,” the platform’s preamble stated.

“To make clear our commitment, we offer to the American people the 2024 GOP Platform to Make America Great Again! It is a forward-looking Agenda that begins with the following twenty promises that we will accomplish very quickly when we win the White House and Republican Majorities in the House and Senate,” it said.

The platform addresses a range of economic issues, including a pledge to “end inflation” and “make America affordable again.” It also promised to preserve Social Security and Medicare benefits without any cuts, including no efforts to raise the retirement age to receive federal benefits.

The platform said the GOP would address inflation by ending illegal immigration and lifting restrictions on American energy production, which it said would allow access to more affordable energy. Still, the president has limited power to actually address overall prices, with the issue primarily in the hands of the Federal Reserve.

During the first debate between Trump and President Joe Biden at the end of June, the two candidates clashed with each other over who is to blame for the high prices Americans continue to face. Trump falsely claimed that Biden inherited “the greatest economy in the history of our country,” adding, “If I’m given another four years, I will be the best. I think I’ll be the best. Nobody’s ever created an economy like us.”

Prior administrations, like former President Bill Clinton, had greater economic growth than Trump, and Biden has overseen a lower unemployment rate than Trump.

On the issue of Social Security, Biden said he would ensure the program’s strength by making “the very wealthy begin to pay their fair share right now,” while Trump accused Biden during the debate of planning to “destroy” the program. The latest Social Security and Medicare Board of Trustees report found that the program will only be able to pay out full benefits for the next 11 years, after which 83% of the benefits will be available.

Biden’s administration has previously accused Republican lawmakers of planning to cut Social Security and Medicare, but Trump himself has pushed back on GOP discussion to alter the programs or raise the retirement age.

The platform said that “Trump has made absolutely clear that he will not cut one penny from Medicare or Social Security. American Citizens work hard their whole lives, contributing to Social Security and Medicare. These programs are promises to our Seniors, ensuring they can live their golden years with dignity.”

The platform also addresses immigration, abortion, and ending “Left-wing gender insanity” like keeping “men out of women’s sports.” The RNC is expected to take a final vote on the platform next week.

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