Time For Trivia – Fun Animal Facts

animal trivia

There are some interesting facts about every animal that people don’t know and today we are going to disclose some of the most amazing facts about animals that you probably never heard about.

  1. Panda: They don’t have any particular sleeping spot, they simply fall asleep wherever they happen to be.
  2. Wombat: humans do suffer from constipation and for some, it is the most annoying thing happen to them, do you know wombats releases cube-shaped poop that must be difficult to defecate
  3. Chicken: the closest living relative of the Tyrannosaurus Rex is chicken, yeah and yes your favorite burger contains the far relatives of T-Rex.
  4. Butterfly: we don’t want you to hate them but most of the butterfly would drink blood if they get a chance.
  5. Platypus: the swim with their eyes and ears closed to avoid water from entering, they detect the food through their highly sensitive bills.animal trivia
  6. Penguins: do you know about 3% of the Arctic Ice is made of penguin urine.
  7. Eagle: ever wondered how an eagle can hunt animals as big as deer or fox? The strike of an eagle can be two times stronger than a rifle shot, which must be enough to knock down most of the animals.
  8. Starling: love parrots because of their ability to imitate your words and sentences? Starling birds have better capability to imitate the human voice.
  9. Hippos: this is for those who think Hippos are lazy and good for nothing; Hippos kills more humans than any other mammal on earth.
  10. Sharks: those who are scared of oceans because of the presence of Sharks, you are more likely to be bitten by a New-Yorker than a shark.
  11. Turkey: they have a capability to reproduce without having sex.
  12. Squid: ever got scared of squids? Many ancient legends have talked about gigantic squids, a trace of squids are already discovered who was as big as a school bus.
  13. Sloths: they are the slowest mammals that urinate and defecate only once in a week because they need to come down on the ground to do that.
  14. Giraffe: male giraffe drinks female giraffe urine to gauge the ideal time for mating.

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