The Very Best Halloween Activities

halloween activities

Halloween games are always fun to play, there are only a few instances in a year when you get into full party mood enjoy various games with your friends, family, and kids.

We have searched for various activities that you can do at Halloween party, these activities are for kids and adults, we especially prefer the activities that do not require a huge budget and can be played almost anytime and anywhere.

Halloween Feel box

You can create a cardboard box with two holes for hands, a participant will be required to recognize the item with the help of their touch.

halloween activities

Halloween Pumpkin hunting

You can buy some pumpkin toys from the market or just draw them on paper, and hide those pumpkins in different places of the house. Kids will be required to find them and whoever finds the most pumpkin wins.  

Halloween freeze dance

Dance games are always exciting, all participants will be dancing on the beats of songs and they will be required to free on the pause of music.

Wrap the mummy

Fun and exciting game for kids and adults, group can be divided into teams and participants will be required to wrap their partner with toilet paper. It’s never as easy as it sounds.

Corn candy spoon race

Kids will be required to carry few candies with a spoon while holding the spoon by mouth. The participant who reaches the finish line first without dropping any candy wins the race.

Halloween Painting

What could be a better way to spend some quality time with your friends? Painting with friends is always exciting and kids will be instructed to draw any Halloween character and best painting will be rewarded.

halloween activities

Guess who

Sticker with the name of some superhero will be stick on the back of kid and others will be giving them clues to figure out who the character it.  

This game has been played since years but it always feels exciting.

Pumpkin passing game

Very common, still very exciting game. Participant kids will sit in a circular pattern and pass the pumpkin while the music is being played. On the pause of music, the kid who is holding the pumpkin will be eliminated.

Ghost hunter

This game can be played individually or as a team and participant need to find the ghost after the series of hints. Participants will be provided with the first hint and then he/she will require to reach to hint 2 and then use Hint-2 to reach to Hint-3 and so on to complete the whole puzzle.

This is one of the most exciting games for many middle age kids, it helps in improving their puzzle solving capabilities.

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