The Thaden Whole Bag Will Be Released In Gold

Thaden’s “The Whole” bag in gold, a Swiss brand with Italian know-how will be launched next month in an exclusive by-invitation showcase at Harrods in London, and available on the website soon after. The renowned British department store has chosen the bag to be a part of its “The New It Bag” series, which includes bags from Schiaparelli, Moynat, Delvaux, Létrange, and Valextra.

The Whole Bag is unique with its intricate folds and fan-like shape. But it was no easy feat to create. Founded by Kristina Thaden the bag represents her life journey, one of resilience where she encountered a lot of rejection from those who said creating a bag like the Whole Bag, couldn’t be done. “Countless attempts fell short of my lofty expectations,” she says in an interview. But, when she met ninety-year-old master craftsman, Luigi from Florence, who wasn’t afraid to tackle her vision, she knew she was onto something.

“If you’re not willing to take the risk of turning heads, don’t walk with a Thaden bag,” says Kristina. When she held the prototype of The Whole Bag in her hands for the first time, she was hit with emotion. “I was overcome with a profound sense of fascination,” she shares. “The bag exuded a charisma that was impossible to ignore. Everyone in the room felt its magnetic pull. Simultaneously, I swelled with pride, not just in my creation, but in my own journey. It’s a sentiment that women too seldom allow themselves – to embrace pride in their hard-fought accomplishments.”

Made with Calf leather and a Lambskin Nappa interior, it is one-of-a-kind because as Kristina notes, “it represents a level of craftsmanship rarely encountered in today’s handbag industry.” Every bag is hand-sewn by selected women in Rome, and finished in Florence. It’s not mass produced, a point that undoubtedly touched Harrods. And the gold variant was a further step in the brand wanting to have bags that exudes radiance and exclusivity.

“To have the privilege of presenting our collection in an exclusive by-invitation showcase at Harrods and to have been chosen as the new ‘IT Bag’ amongst well-known brands such as Schiaparelli fills me with gratitude. It underscores that Thaden is indeed on the right path,” she says.

“I take immense delight in knowing that every woman who carries The Whole Gold exudes a unique aura,” Kristina says. “The bag serves as a canvas for my multifaceted personality to shine through, radiating a luminance that fills me with joy. Personally, I reach for my favorite The Whole, the big rosé version, whenever I crave a bit of the spotlight.”

For shy or timid women, a Thaden bag is a translator of their multifaceted personality to the world. And, for the confident woman, it is a duplicator and a catapult of her personality. “What truly excites me the most is the network of remarkable resilient women that are coalescing around our brand. Whether in our production process, within the Thaden team, or among the steadfast supporters and friends of our brand, this has always been my dream – to create a unifying force where everyone can find a reflection of their unique personality, where their individuality is both expressed and celebrated,” she says.

The Harrods “New It Bag” will be showcased from October 2 – 15th in the Harrods Penthouse on the 5th floor.

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