The Best Posture Correcting Gadgets and Garb We've Tried (2024)

A lot of us are slouchers. We hunch over our desk 40 hours a week and bend awkwardly toward our phones the rest of the time. If reading that just made you adjust your shoulders, it’s time to work on your posture, because bad posture doesn’t just cause temporary pain and stiffness, it could be permanently affecting our back health.

After seeing far too many photos of myself with a horrible slouch—my shoulders fully rounded over, my stomach somehow pushed forward while my hips are pushed back—I wonder why anyone has ever voluntarily spoken to me in public. Good posture doesn’t come naturally to me, so I decided to do something about it.

These are the best posture correctors we’ve tried. None of these options will fix your problems overnight, and while they may be uncomfortable at first, they should be pain-free. Start by using them 10 to 20 minutes a day, and add time as you go (and listen to the product’s directions). If you have severe back pain, a hump, or scoliosis, talk to your physician before trying any posture correctors.

Updated July 2024: We’ve added our new favorite laptop stand from Branch and more information about the Forme Power Bra.

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Our Research and Testing

I’ve been testing posture correctors since 2020, including gadgets and gizmos that vibrate when you slouch, full back braces with lumbar support, and shoulder straps. Whatever the product, I use it every day for at least two weeks, following the instructions closely—you should typically start with only 10 minutes a day.

After testing gadgets meant to remind you to sit up straight, as well as strapping on braces that force the wearer into proper position, I think it’s clear that the former is the better option. You don’t want to make matters worse by relying on something that’s actually weakening your muscles instead of learning new habits. That doesn’t mean braces are never an option, and we have some more information below on how to use them. But consider trying the Upright Go first, and if you work at a desk, create a proper ergonomic setup.

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