Stadium Sips: A ‘Fatal Kiss’ Cocktail Made Duran Duran’s Show At Wells Fargo Center Even Sweeter

Duran Duran are rocking through their North American “Future Past” arena tour and their show at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia this past Thursday was one big dance party that featured an effervescent combination of nostalgia and new music. Adding to the fun was a specialty cocktail that got fans in the mood to party along with the wild boys from Birmingham who are supporting their 2021 “Future Past” album and celebrating and 40 years of New Romantic rock n’ roll.

Lately I’ve been loving the fact that stadiums are creating signature cocktails to accompany shows (most recently I drank an “Uncut Gem” at Adam Sandler’s live tour and a “Coco Cabana” at a Barry Manilow concert). These fun, thematic drinks only add to the festive feeling of getting to go out and see a live show.

The “Fatal Kiss” which I sampled at Thursday night’s show in Philly is of course a reference to one of Duran Duran’s hits, “A View to a Kill” and fans were treated to a performance of that song and many other favorites including “Planet Earth,” “Notorious” and “Rio.”

The “Fatal Kiss” was described as a Coconut Cosmo containing vodka, coconut rum, and lime juice, topped with cranberry juice and garnished with a wedge of lime. The concoction was served in a cool mason jar cup and the huge pour ensured there would be no need to miss a moment of the show to go back for another round.

This fun and dare I say girly drink did almost as good a job warming up the crowd as Nile Rodgers and Chic, who had everyone up and dancing to hits including “Everybody Dance,” “Like a Virgin” and “Let’s Dance.” By the time Simon, John, Nick and Roger took to the stage, the droves of female fans from the Philly area and beyond were on their feet and almost no one sat down for the next two hours. Duran Duran’s catchy, sensual and sexy songs — the old ones and the new — are as intoxicating as any cocktail.

Stay tuned for more specialty cocktails from shows!

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