Skip The Jet Lag To France, Dine At This Restaurant Instead, And Have One Swanky Serving Of Pizza

Yes, you could easily fly to Paris – say, on Jet Blue, and bien sur – dine at a terrific bistro.

But instead, save yourself the airfare and consider this excellent option. For years, those-in-the-know, around the world, have visited an oh-so-chic French restaurant called Bagatelle, which actually is renowned for its signature pizza: Avocado with caviar, and people come from miles around to eat it. It uses 48-hour fermented dough and puff pastry, making it super yummy. It looks like a large, beautiful, big green blossoming flower and it features huge portions of caviar. It just might be the world’s most expensive pizza – it weighs in at either $290 or $845, depending on which type of caviar you select. Bagatelle uses French caviar from Kaviari – and that definitely is one swanky serving.

Bagatelle is a luxury, high-end restaurant brand that belongs on your radar screen – especially if you’re a discriminating diner.

And here’s more: It has a brand new US location is at the five-star Ritz-Carlton South Beach (and they recently opened a location in Mexico City). Bagatelle’s other sought-after locations around the world include Bahrain, Mykonos, St. Tropez, Dubai, Riyadh, London, and St. Barths, to name a few, all offering French flair to its gourmet globetrotters.

Here’s just one reason why Bagatelle stands out: Impressively, Bagatelle is known for buying many of its products directly from Italy and France to bring that same quality to all of their locations. For example – they fly in butter, cream, truffle, caviar from France and dried pasta, olive oil and tomato paste from Italy.

A French Mediterranean hotspot, Bagatelle at the Ritz Carlton South Beach is a vibe from the moment you walk in. Decked in chic Parisian décor, the luxury restaurant features a tres chic bar, plush royal blue banquettes, elegant white tablecloths, moody lighting, and private dining. You might begin the evening with South of France-inspired cocktails, indulge in the impressive dishes perfected by Executive Chef Jimmy de Almeida, and stay for the party with eclectic DJ performances and a lively dancing crowd until the early hours of the morning. (It’s kind of what Studio 54 in New York used to be.) It’s one of the most elevated dining experiences in Miami.

Some say that enjoying a brunch, lunch or dinner at Bagatelle is like being invited in the home and to the table of an epicurean bon vivant from the French Riviera.

All dishes on the table are meant to be shared with family and friends, in a convivial atmosphere.

And why not also check out the Chocolate Pizza made with caramelized hazelnuts and Chocolate Jivara, a 40% milk chocolate couverture from Valrhona, which is a French-based chocolate maker.

Or its bestselling mashed potatoes with brown butter? Here, “the garden leads the kitchen” as it does in France.

And here’s an insider secret – these are not on the menu in Miami – you have to ask for them specifically, but you will be catered to. These items include selected meat cuts: American Wagyu Tomahawk, Black angus ribeye, Chateaubriand, and whole rack of lamb.

And of course, afterwards, if you’re booked at the Ritz-Carlton – you’ll sleep in blissful slumber at one of the world’s best luxury resorts.

Happy dining – and pleasant dreams.

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