Is Privacy Better Than Publicity?

People aspire to be known. Some want to be known in a small and a huge circle of people. But, a lot of people want to be well-known not just in their town, in their city, in their state, and in their country., moreover, the whole world if they can. Thus, they become celebrities.

Celebrities are public figures that represent the field of their craft. You are not a celebrity if you are not famous. But fame, like they always say, has a price. The price is a matter between privacy and publicity. Should celebrities have privacy?

The Need for Privacy

Yes, celebrities are humans too. Despite being a public figure, they want some privacy for themselves. There are things that they do not want the world to know. However, in the world of showbiz, their private lives are sadly what the public wants to know.

Celebrities are constantly chased down by paparazzi. If a celebrity is currently in demand, a photo of him or her in his or her private life will worth a lot of money. A single photo, especially if it is scandalous, can worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

Recently, a lot of celebrities demand legal protection against the invasion of their private life. There were laws implemented that limited the grounds of the paparazzi like they cannot take shots of a police crime scene, inside the bathroom, and few more. However, in regards to taking pictures of a celebrity, his family and anything private he has, there is no law against that. But hopefully, the government can think of a law that will both appease celebrities and the promoters of freedom of speech and information.

The Need for Publicity

Publicity means business. It is a marketing tool that can promote a celebrity, his career, his products and more. It brings a lot of money to celebrities. If there are celebrities who want privacy, there are also who are hungry for fame and money. These celebrities make sure that they make public every information about them but in a very strategic manner in order to boost sales.

If there is nothing interesting about the celebrity, he or she pulls out a publicity stunt. A lot of celebrities had done this, one of the most well-known is the Kardashian family. Everyone knows how Kim Kardashian-West shot to fame because of a sex tape. With the perfect strategy and timing, Kim Kardashian was able to make not only herself but her entire family famous and the rest of her other publicity stunts are marked in showbiz history.

Privacy or Publicity

Which is better, privacy or publicity? It depends on the celebrities and their intentions. Should celebrities have privacy? There are people who want privacy more than publicity or vice versa. Whichever side they are, as long as they are happy and their lives are intact, it won’t matter. But honestly, they need both privacy and publicity in their lives and careers. They need a lot of attention and alone time to be both successful and sane.

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