NBA rumors: Top free agents, LeBron James live updates, draft predictions, offseason dates

The 2023-24 season ended, like, five minutes ago, but we’re ready to move on to what we’ve got coming up this summer. Sure, we could all sign each other’s yearbooks, inflate the floaties and get ready to spend time in the pool — but we’ve got plenty of NBA action quickly approaching.

Here are the key moments to follow:

NBA Draft: June 26 and 27

The NBA has changed its draft format into a two-night event, instead of forcing everything into one. The draft has historically been on a Thursday, but this year, the first round will take place on Wednesday as the second round happens the next day. Atlanta is currently on the clock with the top pick in this wide-open class. Sam Vecenie has his draft guide here.

NBA Free Agency: June 30 at 6 p.m. ET

A new rule in the CBA allows teams to talk to their own free agents basically as soon as the finals are over. That moratorium ends at 6 p.m. ET on June 30, when it becomes a free-agency free-for-all. Before then, there’s no chance anybody would risk breaking tampering rules, which could cost them … let me check my notes … a second-round pick? That’s it? Fine. When Shams breaks the news one minute into the open period that three- and four-year deals have already been agreed to, know that nobody followed this rule.

Las Vegas Summer League: July 12 to 22

In about a month, Las Vegas Summer League will be the premier NBA event of the moment. We’ll hobnob, network and pray the dealer doesn’t have a five under that six showing. We’ll hopefully get to see all of the top picks of the NBA Draft play, and maybe even see what Bronny James can do in his first unofficial NBA action.

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