Michigan GOP awards 39 more delegates to Trump

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Michigan Republicans awarded all 39 of the state’s remaining presidential delegates to Donald Trump during a convention Saturday, a clear sign of his firm grasp on the party’s base ahead of a November election in the critical swing state.

While the Michigan GOP has remained entrenched in division, chaos and legal disputes, Saturday’s convention showed that Trump remains the unifying force between the party’s warring factions. Trump received 1,575 votes from precinct delegates, compared to 36 for Nikki Haley.

“Clearly, Michigan is Trump country,” said Michigan GOP Chair Pete Hoekstra, who recently took over the party after former Chair Kristina Karamo was ousted.

Trump won Michigan’s Feb. 27 Republican primary handily, receiving 68 percent of the vote compared to rival Nikki Haley’s 27 percent.

The win gave a clear indication of Trump’s standing in Michigan ahead of November, but a majority of Michigan’s GOP delegates were awarded Saturday. Trump easily won all 39 of the presidential delegates at play, receiving close to 90 percent of the vote in all 13 congressional districts.

Michigan Republicans were forced to split their primary into two parts after Democrats who control the state government moved Michigan into the early primary states, violating the national Republican party’s rules.

Trump, who has won every presidential contest in which he’s appeared on the ballot and earned 122 delegates, is expected to lock up the party’s nomination soon after Super Tuesday.

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