Green Motion Opens New Franchise in Dominican Republic

Kildare Guerrero and the Green Motion Dominican Republic team. - Photo: Green Motion

Kildare Guerrero and the Green Motion Dominican Republic team.

Green Motion, an international car rental company, recently opened its newest franchise in the Dominican Republic.

This expansion enables Green Motion to grow further in the Americas while providing rental car and mobility services that are eco-friendly.

With a first opening at the popular tourist destination of Punta Cana, Green Motion Dominican Republic will offer customers an extensive range of vehicles. The new location is set to cater to local and international travelers, providing them with sustainable and convenient car rental options.

Richard Lowden, CEO and founder of Green Motion, said in a June 17 news release that this expansion reflects the company’s focus on sustainability while widening the availability of green travel to customers worldwide. “We look forward to serving the Dominican market and supporting the country’s growing focus on sustainable tourism.”

“Punta Cana is a perfect location for Green Motion’s expansion due to its vibrant tourism industry and increasing awareness of sustainable travel practices,” added Kildare Guerrero, the franchise owner of Green Motion Dominican Republic. “We are committed to providing our customers with eco-friendly transportation options that align with their values and contribute to preserving the beauty of our environment.”

Green Motion Punta Cana operates near major transportation hubs and popular resorts, aiming for tourists who seek to explore the rich cultural heritage and natural landscapes of the country. The new branch will offer a seamless rental experience, aligning with Green Motion’s global standards.

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