Why Do Girls Like Black Guys?


I suppose the more non-PC question would be- ‘Why do girls like black guys?’ It’s been a subject in North America, mainly the United States, for quite some time. While interracial relationships are the status quo in most parts of America, some interracial couples are considered far from the norm. Many women will only date black guys- and it comes down to some pretty simple reasons really. Here are a few that make the most sense:

1) Black guys are sometimes ‘forbidden’ and women (okay, white women), enjoy the excitement of doing something that is out of the norm. It might even be to shock their parents.

2) Black guys have sex appeal. They often have a certain swagger and way of talking that makes women feel sexy. They are hard to resist.

3) Black guys know how to dance better than white guys, and they are known to be better in bed with bigger.. body parts.

4) Simple attraction. The bottom line is women are attracted to who they are attracted to. For example, I am a tall white woman and I prefer tall, beefy guys with olive skin and dark hair. It’s just always been ‘my type.’ Some girls have just attracted the black guys.

5) Some girls like drama and games and they like to see if they can rope a ‘player.’ Some women are gluttons for punishment when they date guys (black or white or Asian or whatever) who cheat, lie and treat them horribly.

6) The black culture is en vogue. The black English vernacular is cool. Celebrities are often mixed couples and people are literally obsessed as to what Kanye and the Kardashians are doing. Entertainment and gossip websites are always showing famous mixed relationships.

7) Black men are often athletic and sexy. Who wouldn’t like that?

It really comes down to preference. Some women like black guys for the reasons listed and I am sure they have other reasons as well. Maybe women just fall in love with men regardless of their skin color- I mean, what does it matter anyway?

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