Fantasy Football Matchup Rankings Week 13 | Strength of schedule by position | Playoff matchups

This is the weekly fantasy football strength of schedule, or fantasy football matchup rankings, piece. The word of the day is “APA,” which might make you say, “DAMN!” but it’s really for Adjusted Points Allowed. Essentially, it’s the “true” measure of the strength of schedule because it breaks matchups down by strength of opponent (positionally) faced each week.

Please read for the APA explanation:

  • APA is my calculation involving stats, metrics and matchup situations to adjust for opponent.
  • These will get stronger and more predictive as the season rolls along.
  • Rankings are from most favorable matchup (1 being the best) and most adjusted points allowed to the worst matchup.
  • Use these to make tough calls with players close in start/sit choices.
    • Does *not* mean you bench a stud with a tough APA for a flier with a good matchup.
  • The TEAM is the one with the matchup. The OPP is the team they are facing and “+/-” is the difference from the positional average.
  • No DST since it’s wildly variable and lacks predictive value (one DST touchdown skews scoring too much).


This is a stat table post, so comments won’t be monitored… but they still will be on all of my other pieces each week (waivers, rankings, etc.), so just drop your questions in there and I’ll get them!

Week 13 Fantasy Football Strength of Schedule
Matchup Rankings (APA)

Quarterback Matchups


Running Back Matchups


Wide Receiver Matchups


Tight End Matchups


Fantasy Football Strength of Schedule
Playoff Matchup Rankings (APA)

Quarterback Playoff Matchups


Running Back Playoff Matchups


Wide Receiver Playoff Matchups


Tight End Playoff Matchups


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