Explaining the pros and cons of Brexit as the deadline approaches

British Exit

What are the brexit pros and cons?

On June 2016, the British people began debating whether to remain within the European Union or to exit. Now the deadline is just a few days away. And people are still wondering whether breaking away after 40 years of being a member of the EU is a smart move or a crappy one?

This article looks into the issue. Read on to find out more…

Advantages and disadvantages of the British exit.

Cost savings

There is a membership fee which by leaving the EU, the British will save money. So there will be no contribution to the EU.


Looking at brexit pros and cons, this is where it gets tricky. Member states of the EU are exempt from tariffs and other restrictions. Now this is where the contention about brexit came about. Does Britain really want to give up this great advantage? Besides losing the benefits of free trade, exiting the EU means that their negotiating power with countries outside the EU would also reduce.

Britain’s sovereignty

This was seen as a major pro. This is because being a member of the EU meant giving up some autonomy over the country’s affairs. Brexit hence means regaining independence and giving them the freedom to connect with the world outside the EU.

Brexit pros and cons in terms of immigration

Being in the EU gave Britons the right to freely live and work in any member state of the EU. Other member states also enjoyed this privilege of living and working freely in Britain. This meant, immigrants from other states into Britain increased.

Much as there was that freedom for Britons to work in any member state, it became a problem because of the increase of immigrants into Britain. So problems like housing cropped up. Exiting the EU would mean stricter immigration laws which would lead to decongesting Britain.


Remaining in the EU brought the security issue of making Britain vulnerable to terrorist attacks because of the lack of checks and controls. But there was a counter argument of there being more security by being in the EU because criminal records are exchanged between member states and the states can work as a team to counter terrorism.

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