Crazy crazy facts that will impress your friends!

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Are you looking for crazy crazy facts that will blow your friends away? Whether you are hosting a party or just want to seem witty, it pays to know a thing or two. Now there are some facts that will not only make you look bright but it can also bring some fun to a boring party.

Amazing facts to share with your friends next time you meet

Below is a list of a few of the world’s most amazing facts…

1. Did you know Australia has lots of beaches that if you decide to visit one beach every day, you will do this for 27 years? The land down under has over 10000 beaches.

2. Apparently, just 30 grams of the liver of a polar bear, eaten as a meal,  can kill you!

3. If you bang your head on a wall for one hour, you are going to lose 150 calories. This is one crazy crazy fact.

man banging head

4. In a human being’s lifetime, a person produces lots of saliva. Can you imagine, the saliva you produce will be enough to fill two swimming pools!

5. Pirates believed that wearing earrings made their eyesight better.

6.  Can you believe the Bible ranks first as the most shoplifted book?

7. Did you know “ALMOST” is the longest word in the English language that has got all its letters following each other in alphabetical order?

8. Teabags were invented accidentally. This happened when Thomas Sullivan was distributing tea in small silken bags for his customers to sample out in 1908. Not knowing they were samples, they dunked them in their tea and from there, he became overwhelmed with teabag orders.

9. Both Bin Laden and Hitler’s deaths were announced on the 1st of May.

10. If you fart consecutively for 6 and 3/4 years those farts combined are lethal enough to produce an atomic bomb.

Hope these crazy crazy facts make your friends…

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