Christmas Couple trends for 2017

“Tis the season to be jolly”, not only with your family but also with your significant other. There are family traditions that are done during the holidays that you may have been doing since you are a kid. But now, since you are living a life of your own and venturing into a relationship, you definitely want to celebrate Christmas with your partner.

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Since Christmas only happens once a year, you, of course, want it to be very memorable and special. Couples all over the world, including those couples who met on this dating site, try to find things that they can do together for the said occasion. They want to something that they can only do in the Christmas season. Here are some Christmas Couple Trends for 2017.

Movie Marathon

What better way to celebrate the holidays than relaxing in the comfort of your own home. You can watch a movie marathon with your partner throughout the day. You can eat some snacks and drink some hot or cold beverages like hot chocolate. You can even just cuddle while watching movies. You can watch Christmas movies of your choice. But, you can also watch movies of any kind you like.

Watch a Christmas Show

If staying at home is boring for both of you, then go out and watch a Christmas show. Christmas shows are pretty common anywhere, especially in cities. You can go to a theater and watch a live Christmas performance. In some cases, the performances can be a musical play, a choral competition, an ice skating competition, and many more. Whichever it may be, there are bound to be some performances anywhere. Just make sure to get your tickets in advance so you can just enjoy the show with no problems.

Christmas Shopping

A necessary but fun bonding couples can do during the Christmas season is to go on a Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping can be stressful with a lot of people buzzing around the stores trying to get the needed items for their Christmas celebration. Christmas is also the season where overpriced items are out for sale. To bring in the fun, you can turn your necessary Christmas shopping trip into a date. By bringing your significant other, you have not only a companion, but also an adviser. He or she can help you out in choosing gifts and picking the ingredients for your Christmas Eve dinner.

Pre-Christmas Dinner

There will be times that spending the Christmas day with your love is not feasible. Both your families may want you to spend the holidays with them instead. If that is the case, then you two can do a pre-Christmas date. You can have a dinner date for just the two of you. You can get all dressed up and even do an exchange gift.

Watching Christmas Lights

Another thing that couples can do only during the Christmas season is to watch Christmas lights. Many houses and public places are bound to have extravagant Christmas decorations like colorful Christmas lights. They can be a moving Santa Claus, reindeer or anything they can think of that are illuminating. Christmas lights can change color in certain patterns that they are programmed to do. Watching these lights are just mesmerizing while walking around with your love.

Pictures with the Decor

In a world where social media is at hand, couples can take pictures of themselves with the decorations. They can even make this a yearly tradition with a theme. For example, this year, they should take pictures together with Christmas trees. They can compile these pictures and make a scrapbook or post it on their social media accounts.

Exchange Gifts

It is already a tradition. Never forget to do exchange gifts with your partner. You can do a 12-days of Christmas mini exchange gifts and save the best gift last on the Christmas Eve. You can also exchange ornaments and other Christmas symbols.

Playing in the Snow

For those places that have winter Christmas, then make sure to make the most of the snowy Christmas. You can go ice skating together. You can also go snowboarding or skiing, whichever you prefer. You can have a fun snowball fight. It can also be as simple as making snow sculptures like a snowman or if you are artistic enough, a castle. You can also enjoy winter by lying down on the snow to make snow angels. As long as you and your partner are enjoying, you can have fun in the snow.

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There are a lot more things couples can do on Christmas. It is up to them how they will spend their Christmas day together. As long as it is special and memorable for both of them, they can have a wonderful Christmas couple trends and memories together this year 2017.

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