Carpetright paralysed by cyberattack with in-store trading halted

Flooring retailer Carpetright finds itself in a state of paralysis following a malicious cyberattack on its headquarters in Purfleet, Essex.

The flooring giant, which boasts a network of 400 shops, has been unable to conduct business in-store for nearly a week.

Last Thursday, hackers launched an assault on Carpetright’s systems, deploying malware to infiltrate and disrupt operations. Since then, customers have been thwarted in their attempts to place orders, causing significant inconvenience across the company’s extensive retail footprint.

An insider revealed the extent of the impact, stating, “It’s an issue across the entire store network. We still aren’t able to put any orders through as our systems have been down since Thursday.” Management aims to restore trading capabilities by Wednesday, albeit with considerable effort and resources dedicated to rectifying the situation.

The ramifications of the cyber assault extend beyond operational disruptions. With around 3,000 employees unable to access vital payroll information, the attack has cast a shadow over the workforce as well.

Fortunately, Carpetright has confirmed that no customer or employee data was compromised during the breach. However, the incident underscores the growing threat posed by cybercriminals to businesses across various sectors.

This setback compounds the challenges Carpetright has faced in recent times. Struggling amidst a downturn in demand and heightened competition, the company enlisted the expertise of restructuring specialist Teneo to explore cost-saving measures. The ongoing cost of living crisis has prompted consumers to scale back on DIY projects, further dampening Carpetright’s prospects.

The flooring retailer, founded in 1988 by Philip Harris, has navigated turbulent waters over the years. Delisting from the London Stock Exchange in 2019 following its acquisition by Meditor, a British hedge fund led by Talal Shakerchi, marked a significant chapter in its history. Despite its resilience, Carpetright continues to grapple with evolving market dynamics, seeking avenues for sustainable growth amidst adversity.

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