Building a Future-Ready IT Ecosystem: The Role That DaaS Can Play In Your Business

In today’s ever-evolving business world, establishing a future-ready IT infrastructure is a cornerstone of success.

With remote working posing certain security and logistical challenges when it comes to device management, DaaS (Device as a Service) provides businesses with a robust, all-in-one solution to strengthen their position.

How does DaaS support companies with their remote working goals?

DaaS allows fast and cost-effective deployment of devices and applications for a predictable monthly fee. It removes the need for a large upfront capital investment for devices, presenting a ‘pay-as-you-go’ approach instead.

As more and more employees work remotely, DaaS ensures all workers have the tools and equipment to carry out their tasks efficiently wherever they are. DaaS helps to streamline onboarding and reduce the time-consuming nature of device set-up and management.

Let’s explore the other key benefits of DaaS…

Reduced, predictable IT costs

A significant advantage of DaaS is the reduced upfront costs for hardware and licensing. Rather than an upfront capital investment to start building an IT infrastructure, businesses can instead pay a monthly fee for each device. This subscription model allows for more predictable and agile budget management. DaaS makes it easy to provision and de-provision devices in line with hiring activities. It can reduce licensing costs too, ensuring that companies don’t waste funds on unnecessary licenses.

Improved employee productivity and efficiency

DaaS can streamline business operations and can yield significant time savings. Device management and procurement can be time-consuming for IT teams. Dealing with helpdesk tickets can be particularly difficult when working remotely, and can distract from growth opportunities, security improvements, and other crucial specialist tasks. DaaS reduces the constant maintenance and upkeep of devices, and can instead be taken care of by a trusted DaaS provider.

Enhanced IT security

By outsourcing device procurement and management to a trusted third-party, businesses can see significant security benefits. Choosing a DaaS provider with extensive experience in security management and data security credentials can allow businesses to access up-to-date information, tools, and processes for cybersecurity protection. With DaaS, layers of additional protection can be added to hardware and software to protect your systems and data, freeing up internal IT teams for other tasks.

Support business growth

DaaS frees up the budget for other growth initiatives by avoiding upfront capital investment. With DaaS, companies aren’t required to lock away funds in their technology fleet and can focus on scaling any other business-critical objectives instead. Particularly for startups and small businesses, improving cash flow is an essential part of fuelling growth.

Improved agility

DaaS is a scalable solution. It enables fast device procurement for smooth onboarding, so businesses can leverage opportunities to expand rapidly without burdening IT. A DaaS provider can send devices to remote workers and set them up in line with their role requirements.

Then when employees leave the business, devices can be returned to the DaaS provider to scale back monthly costs immediately. This means there’s no requirement to store aging devices that aren’t in use.

Access the latest technology

DaaS makes it easier for businesses to replace outdated technology. The traditional CapEx model often means companies are stuck with old devices to depreciate over several years, which can lead to internal employee frustrations and a drop in productivity. Managing old devices can be a long-winded task for IT teams and older devices can mean more helpdesk tickets to deal with. Whereas with DaaS, devices can be refreshed regularly without a huge upfront capital investment, meaning businesses can stay competitive, future-ready, and keep up with technology advancements.

Get started with DaaS

DaaS has so many appealing benefits for businesses, helping to improve agility and security whilst freeing up IT capacity. By partnering with a trusted DaaS provider, businesses can unlock new growth opportunities and benefit from support and innovation when it comes to managing their IT infrastructure.

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