Buffalo Bills NFL Draft picks 2024: Grades, fits and scouting reports

The Buffalo Bills enter the 2024 NFL Draft on April 25 with 10 picks over the three-day draft.

It’s a new era in Western New York, considering the sweeping changes on both sides of the ball. Buffalo has parted ways with franchise stalwarts such as Tre’Davious White, Mitch Morse and Jordan Poyer. The team’s offseason, however, has been defined by trading star wide receiver Stefon Diggs. It’s why most expect the Bills to target a new potential No. 1 receiver for quarterback Josh Allen in this draft.

Keep coming back here throughout the draft for analysis and grades for each Bills pick.

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Round 1

No. 28 

Round 2

No. 60

Round 3

No picks

Round 4

No. 128

No. 133

Round 5

No. 144 (via Bears)

No. 160 (via Packers)

No. 163

Round 6

No. 200 (via Texans)

No. 204

Round 7

No. 248

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