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Richard May

As well as contributing to News Daily Brief, Richard also works as a free lance journalist and is a regular contributor to Autoexpress and Autonews both publications held in high regard in the automotive industry.

Edward Buckley

Edward had worked for a number of large multinational banks both in London and New York before turning to journlism to keep the public informed about the ever changing business world.

Sandy Saunders

Sandy has worked for a number of magazine publications over the course of her career including US magazine and Cosmopolitan and now contirbutes to News Daily Brief as well as a number of private blogs.

Ben Lawson

Ben is a young journalist who has already spent time working for the Financial Times in London as well as various articles for Bloomberg. He has previously been based in both Hong Kong and London and can bring a truly global perspective to News Daily Brief.

Pippa Longbridge

The founder of News Daily Brief and cheif editor as well as the contributor for the health & lifestyle section of the website, Pippa has had a career in journalism that has stretched over 2 decades and aims to keep people from all walks of life interested and up to date with world news.

Jason Edwards

After having played collegiate football and having a passion for all sports, Jason has worked with a number of local newspapers after graduation as well as contributing to News Daily Brief.

Timothy Green

After having worked for a number of Silcon Valley start ups, Timothy turned to journalism to keep his enthusiasm for technology alive and writes for a number of web based organizations including News Daily Brief.

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