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Samsung’s Galaxy S II Keeps Top Spot Amongst Android Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S2 Improves Over Original Model

Samsung Galaxy S2 Improves Over Original Model

Samsung are looking to maintain its premium handset position in the smartphone market with the release of the Galaxy S successor the Galaxy S2.

Samsung had tremendous success with its original Galaxy S model smartphone, which ran Google’s Android OS and which many though of as the genuine alternative to Apple’s iPhone 4 and the company have employed its manufacturing edge to produce the S2.

The latest Galaxy smarphone features a dual core Exynos processor rayed at an impressive 1.2GHz as well as 1GB RAM to comfortably handle all of the apps that the user may download and comes with 16GB storage.

Independent tests carried out by a number of smartphone media publications have confirmed that the Galaxy S2 is the world’s fastest Android phone. The S2 also benefits from a Super AMOLED display which means that the images displayed have less saturated colours and increased sharpness. The display is on an equal with that of Apple’s iPhone 4.

The Galaxy S2 runs on Gingerbread which is Android 2.3 and is customized with TouchWiz 4.0 user interface, which allows a number of enhanced features over the original model including the ability to access messages or missed calls without unlocking the home screen etc.

The performance of the S2 is as impressive as the list of high end components it uses. The performance as the user shifts between tasks whilst multitasking is first class as is the speed that apps are launched, the power of the dual core processor apparent.

The call quality of the handset is good and the previous problematic GPS function on the original Galaxy S has been rectified, the S2 now able to lock onto satellites quicker and maintain the lock without any issues.

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