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Researchers Stumble Across The Reason Why Quitting Smoking Often Leads To Weight Gain

Scientists Stumble Across Reason Why Smokers Gain Weight When Quitting

Scientists Stumble Across Reason Why Smokers Gain Weight When Quitting

Researchers at Yale University have stumbled across the scientific reason why many smokers look skinny and more interestingly why many people who smoke and then quit gain weight.

Yann Maneur, an associate research scientist at Yale said, “Interestingly, initially we were not looking into feeding behavior but depression.We were trying to find new drugs to treat depression. And as I was testing these new drugs I realized the animals were not eating as much.”

Maneur and his research team were testing nicotine when they came across an unexpected effect, “We found that nicotine, when it enters the brain, activates specific nicotine receptors that are located on specific neurons known to decrease feeding and increase energy expenditure when activated.”

Nicotine the scientists discovered triggers a brain pathway that tells you that you have had enough and to stop eating while at the same time signalling the body to start using up some energy.

Maneur has warned however that smoking should not be advocated and that there are alternatives that could create the same effect. Maneur went onto to explain that there is potential for “drugs to mimic this effect to help people maybe lose weight. Or even better, when people try to quit smoking they could use drugs that are already available and known to trigger this pathway in order to potentially limit their weight gain.”

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