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MTV’s Geordie Shore Has Controversial UK Debut

MTV's Geordie Shore Comes Under Attack In UK

MTV's Geordie Shore Comes Under Attack In UK

MTV’s new UK based reality show Geordie Shore has been heavily criticised for the way it portrays the city of Newcastle, where the show is based.

Following the success of the original U.S. reality show Jersey Shore, MTV gave the green light to the UK version which follows the antics of 8 sex obsessed friends as they strip off, get drunk, vomit, fight and generally behave in a debauched manner.

The MP for Newcastle Central, Chi Onwurah said the show was “bordering on pornographic” and that ” It’s exploiting those young people and exploiting our city.” The local tourism board commented that the show exploited “outdated stereotypes” and that it had provoked a “fierce reaction” among locals. MTV refused to comment on the criticism.

The first episode of the show was watched by 330,000 people on Tuesday, MTV’s largest adult audience in the UK for 3 years.

Ms Onwurah said that she would be raising some issues regarding the program in the House of Commons.”I’m going to be raising questions in Parliament because I think there should be a limit on how much alcohol a broadcaster can pour down the throats of young people to provoke sensational acts.By putting those young people in this situation, it’s encouraging them to lose all their dignity. I think it’s totally unrepresentative of Newcastle.”

By Friday Ofcom, the media regulator acknowledged that it had received circa 20 complaints regarding MTV’s production.

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