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McLaren MP4-12C Has High Speed Crash At Nurburgring

McLaren MP4-12C Crashes At High Speed Around Nurburgring In Possible Record Attempt

McLaren MP4-12C Crashes At High Speed Around Nurburgring In Possible Record Attempt

McLaren has denied rumours that it was attempting to set a Nurburgring lap record when an MP4-12C crashed into the barriers at a fast speed.

Witnesses at the circuit said that the 592bhp twin turbo McLaren supercar was going ‘flat out’ immediately before the incident which occurred away from the public’s view near the Nordschliefe Zufahrt car park on Friday.

Bloggers on the Nurburgring wrote on that ‘tyres were screaming and witnesses reported the sound of a large impact. Shortly afterwards a covered truck recovered a wrecked car.’

The crash which took place at high speed is thought to have taken place towards the end of a scheduled test session at the circuit fondly known as the ‘Green Hell’ and sparked suggestions that McLaren had been trying to set an official lap time in a MP4-12C ahead of the first deliveries of the car to customers.

A spokesperson for McLaren told evo magazine that this was not the case saying ‘The run came as part of the development program. The car was out there completing laps as part of ongoing tests and wasn’t trying to set a benchmark time. At this point we’re not trying to set lap times but we’re confident that the car will be very fast around the Nürburgring when the time comes. The data that we’ve gathered so far is extremely promising.’ He then added that ‘The MP4-12C involved in the incident wasn’t even a production spec car.’

The spokesperson for the supercar manufacturer based in Woking, UK did not confirm whether the crash on Friday at the Nurburgring was caused by driver error or a technical malfunction but did say that the car had been returned to McLaren’s Technical centre for further investigation.

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