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Lead Role In ‘Two and a Half Men’ Likely To Be Filled By Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher Is Likely Replacement In 'Two And a Half Men'

Ashton Kutcher Is Likely Replacement In 'Two And a Half Men'

There are a growing number of rumours that TV and Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher is finalising a deal to replace Charlie Sheen in the hit comedy ‘Two and a Half Men’.

It has been revealed that CBS and Warner Bros have approached an actor to join the show after they approached English actor Hugh Grant who turned to job down. Kutcher who has a huge following on Twitter dropped hints about the possible role on Thursday when he tweeted “What’s the square root of 6.25?” The answer to his question happens to be two and a half.

Additionally sources close to the deal confirmed to ‘The Hollwood’ that Kutcher is working on the last details on a deal to take on the lead role in Two and a Half Men. Separate sources admitted that the shows creator, Chuck Lorre had already put a storyline together that would introduce the Punk’d host and star of the TV show ‘That 70′s Show’ in such a way as to satisfy the studio and network. One source said “It’s really funny.People are going to love it.”

With all of the hype that surrounded Sheen leading up to his departure which largely centered around his salary for each episode, many people have been speculating on the size of the remuneration that Kutcher may well receive although both CBS and Warner Bros have not made any comments regarding the news.

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