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IBM Announce The Creation Of Ultra Fast Graphene Circuits

IBM Create Ultra Thin High Speed Graphene Circuits

IBM Create Ultra Thin High Speed Graphene Circuits

IBM have announced that it has successfully designed very quick circuits from graphene, an incredibly thin material that will allow a number of promising applications which includes flat screen television displays, smartphones and high bandwidth communication.

Researchers from the company have reported the circuit advance in the Journal Science and it is known as a broadband frequency mixer built on a wafer of silicon. The circuits are largely used in all number of communication products where they transfer signals from 1 frequency to another.

IBM published the science paper describing how they have placed a number of layers of graphene on a silicon wafer and then created circuits based on graphene components known as inductors. The research team have managed to demonstrate frequency mixing up to speeds of 10 gigahertz.

This step forward however does not mean that graphene transistors are ready to replace today’s CMOS transistors which are the basis for today’s microprocessors and computer memory chips in consumer electronics systems, as graphene does not possess the same physical properties as current semiconducting materials.

Korea and the European Union have recently invested $1.5 billion in efforts to use graphene as the next generation display material.

The president of Envisoneering Inc., Richard Doherty said “It allows you to tame a spectrum that before was the wild, wild West.” For example, it might make possible a new class of Wi-Fi-style communications gear for wireless applications, or allow set-top cable boxes to be redesigned to send and receive ever-larger amounts of high-resolution video and data.

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