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Hotmail & Yahoo Mail Also Targeted Along With Gmail Attacks

Hotmail & Yahoo Mail Users Report Attacks Along With Gmail

Hotmail & Yahoo Mail Users Report Attacks Along With Gmail

The recent attacks on web based e-mail users hasn’t just been confined to Gmail accounts as some users of Yahoo Mail and Hotmail have also reported having the same problem.

Google have said that it believes the attacks have come out of China although incidents involving Yahoo Mail and Hotmail may not have originated from the same place, although Trend Micro have commented that there are “significant similarities” in the attacks themselves.

Nart Villeneuve, a security expert said “The objective of the attackers appears to be to gain access to the target’s Webmail accounts in order to monitor his/her communications and, possibly, to stage future attacks.In the recent case revealed by Google, the attackers used a phishing attack to gain access to the target’s Gmail account then proceeded to add their own email addresses to the “forwarding and delegation settings,” allowing them to send and receive email messages via the compromised accounts.”

Problems with Microsoft’s Hotmail security had been identified by Trend Micro several weeks ago but a spokesman for Trend Micro, Michael Sweeny said that Microsoft had “already patched last week the vulnerability that we identified.”

Villeneuve added that the new phishing techniques being used are particularly tricky, “Rather than clicking a malicious link, even the simple act of previewing the malicious email message can compromise a user’s account.”

It is unclear at this time the extent of the problem for Hotmail or Yahoo customers but Microsoft have said that it is “not aware of any broad phishing attacks targeting our Hotmail customers. We take the security and privacy of our customers very seriously; phishing attacks are a persistent industry challenge.”

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