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Danish Director Banned From Cannes Film Festival Over Hitler Comments

Lars Von Trier Banned From Cannes Film Festival Following Hitler Comments

Lars Von Trier Banned From Cannes Film Festival Following Hitler Comments

Former winner of Cannes Film Festival’s top prize, Lars Von Trier has been banned from the festival following comments he made at a press conference last week.

The Danish film director had joked at a press conference that he sympathised with Adolf Hitler. After making the faux pas he said it was “completely and absolutely stupid” to make the comments. “I will never do another press conference again.I am sorry for my own sake and I am sorry if I have hurt anyone, that was not my intention at all. It was completely and absolutely stupid.”

Following his comments, Cannes organisers declared the director “persona non grata” at the festival. It means that if his film wins this year he will not be allowed to accept the award personally. Von Trier is hoping that the Cannes festival bosses will eventually overturn their decision but currently he has said “Maybe I am a little like Groucho Marx – I don’t want to be a member of any club that would want me as a member.”

The award winning director had been expected to cancel all upcoming interviews and press conferences promoting his latest film, Melancholia but Von Trier has insisted that he intends to continue with his press commitments as he wants the chance to explain himself. He said “I blame myself, because you can say words in press conferences which can be taken out of context.But I was carried away. I thought I was sitting with my friends talking, and then suddenly I was talking to the world.”

Von Trier explained that his joke about the Nazi’s and his humour had been “lost in translation” by the international media. He said I understand these issues are a no-go area. I do like to provoke, but mostly I do it for a reason. I am not a Nazi, or an anti-Semite, and I had nothing to achieve.”

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