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News Daily Brief brings reports on the latest events and developments from around the world in the areas of business, finance, entertainment, sports, technology, health & lifestyle and automotive. News Daily Brief started as a small news service with three contributing journalists but has expanded to a team of  seven writing staff currently, as well as occasional contributions from guests,each writer having considerable experience in the industry they cover. We have managed to stay independent since our incorporation and made the necessary move to transfer to an online only news provider, switching from traditional print back in August 2010.

News Daily Brief’s traditional readership has been in the UK and north east coast U.S. where print distribution was located but switching to an online medium our readership has really started to grow and we hope will continue to do so as we expand and bring on board new journalists.

News Daily Brief also opened up an office in Tokyo in June 2010 so we could improve our coverage of the far east, especially China and Japan who have the second and third largest economies in the world. We also have the ability to publish the news as soon as it happens with staff now based in three important time zones throughout the world. Our goal is to bring to our readers the very latest news together with informed and authoritative insight 7 days a week.

Although News Daily Brief has expanded to a global online newsapaper, there are no geographical variations in the published content as the stories that we report are global and being independent means that we do not have to re-write stories to accomodate sponsors and can concentrate on bringing high quality stories to our readers.

News Daily Brief is always looking for ways to improve news coverage and we welcome any feedback from our readers. We hope you find your visit to News Daily Brief informative and enjoyable.

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